Know Us


“SATHIYAM EVANGEL TRUST” is a public, charitable and educational Trust registered under the Indian Trust Act, 1932 vide Regn. No. 20/2013. Its Administrative office is located at No. 1, Kamaraj Park Street, Royapuram, Chennai – 600 013.

We at “SATHIYAM EVANGEL TRUST” are driven by strong convictions that nurturing a sustainable societal revolution, lies not in giving but in educating, enabling and thus empowering, which is best expressed in our tag line that says thus. This is precisely why we have embarked on this long journey that shall begin with educating the young and aspiring, imparting them with the knowledge and skills that will enable them to build the societies and empower them to face the challenges of the future.

We also have a strong belief that what we will come to offer, shall be nothing short of world class and one that shall not be out of reach for the deservedly seeking. It is for this purpose that we have collaborated with reputed educational institutions from various parts of the globe and have come to offer educational and vocational courses that will impart the requisite knowledge and skills to those that come seeking.

We also appreciate that there will always be deprived and needy sections of our society whose solace shall lie beyond such a process of educating, enabling and empowering. Be they, healthcare or ones caused by social unrest or natural calamities, such are the emergency grievances that we hope to redress by providing for.

We are well aware that these shall be very miniscule contributions when seen against the larger needs of humanity, but we strongly believe that these shall also be defining contributions to the transformations that we hope to bring about in our midst.

We now solicit each one of your support and contributions in realizing this assumed mission. Such contributions will also be exempt from Income Tax.